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About me


2023 – Zhong Yuan QiGong, Level I

2022 – Yoga Alliance International India Ambassador (Europe)

2022 – Integral meditation level I with Swami Vidyanand, International Meditation Alliance, India

2022 – SoulVibes Coach, Oradea, Romania

2021 – YAI accreditation for Omni Yoga School, Oradea, Romania

2017 – Budapest, Hungary

2017 – Oradea, Romania
KEY TO CREATIVE WORK – Super Conscious Creation

2017 – Oradea, Romania, Founder of „Omni Yoga and Lifestyle Studio”

2016 – 2017 – Budapest, Hungary 200 RYT – HATHA YOGA TEACHER – NitaYoga Academy

2016 – Budapest, Hungary
107 HOURS „NUAD BO RARN” – THAI MASSAGE – Sunshine Network Thailand

2016 – Chico, United States

2013 – 2014 – Budapest, Hungary

The most exciting thing about life is that you never know that a silly or sometimes apparently not that significant situation can lead you to the most interesting and amazing experiences of your life. And with each end every experience you have the opportunity to discover yourself better and you have this permanent feeling that you want more, and more.

It happened to me in my early 20`s when I was researching ways to alleviate my back-pain which unfortunately became part of my everyday life. I discovered “Flying yoga” and purchased my first hammock in 2011 from Anthony Cardenas, founder of Omni-Gym Yoga Swing, California, USA, who later became my mentor. Knowing that I am not the only one having to deal with this kind of problem, I decided to share this experience with others and founded my studio “Omni Gym”. With the support from my mentor, Tone, I started a collaboration with Omni-Swing, LLC, Movement Medicine, LLC, METTA Physical Therapy and I opened a branch in Oradea, Romania, called Omni Gym.

Budapest, Hungary was the location of my next studies and certificates, where, in 2013, I graduated from “Atma Center” Yoga School, a school that is recognized, accredited by Yoga Alliance International. This was my first “awakening” which made me change the name of my studio from “Omni Gym” to “Omni Yoga and Lifestyle Studio” shifting the concentration towards yoga. During the first years of Omni Yoga Studio, I had many challenges, especially
because people’s knowledge about yoga, in the area where I am living, was very limited, often erroneous or non-existent. But my love for yoga was contagious and more and more people opened their minds and spirits to welcome the practice of yoga.

After obtaining my diploma as an ayurvedic therapist, I started researching for an ayurvedic clinic to personally experience the benefits. I had a very emotional experience when I first visited Calendula, Ayurvedic Clinic in Hungary ( Calendula became family and seeing the authenticity of the clinic, I invited doctors and other clinic representatives to Oradea, Romania where I started promoting the clinic and during their multiple visits, people had the chance to get diagnostics and potentially start treatments.

Throughout the years I kept studying abroad (Hungary, Finland, Canada, USA, India) for self-development which helped me in my effort to share this beautiful experience with other people. I also acquired business acumen and I was
invited to be a coach for future entrepreneurs, part of the program “Erasmus for young entrepreneurs”, a program founded by the European Union.

My teaching experiences and especially my trip to India made me realize that I was ready to have my own yoga school because I felt that with my experience and knowledge acquired that far I can put my personal touch in the way of teaching.

My satisfaction comes from being useful to people: helping them in their personal, spiritual and professional development, helping them exceed their limits in order to achieve their goals. I like working with people, although it is never easy. Learning and teaching every day makes me feel like I have an important role in people’s lives and also people have an important role in my life.
Everyone is looking for that special something that will help us cope and face life’s challenges. Obtaining the accreditation for “Omni Yoga School” was a way of paying tribute to all my mentors and especially my family that was always supportive.

Since I`ve been awarded the title of ambassador of Yoga International Alliance India I feel that I have a bigger responsability in sharing the authentic practices and values of Yoga with everyone.
All my previous studies and personal development courses have contributed to the success of Omni Yoga and Lifestyle Studio through which I bring more wisdom and peace to people and the world around us. 

Thank You!